2020 League Executive Nominations

Nominations for the 2020 Executive Board are now open.

If you are interested in re-applying for an executive position for the 2020 season, or interested in becoming part of the Forest Glade Baseball League executive board, please complete the form below indicating the position(s) that you are willing to stand for. Entries must be submitted before August 21st, 2019:


If you are a new applicant that has never held a board position, or a league member that is not on the current executive board, please indicate the names of the 2 current board members that will nominate and second your application to the board. Here’s a list of current board members.

All nominations will be presented at our Annual General Meeting on August 21, 2019 at 6:30pm in the Siro Martinello hall located at the Forest Glade Arena. Successful candidates will be named at this meeting.

Should there be more than one applicant for a desired position, candidates will be announced and will have time to speak as to why they should be considered for the applied position. If more than one candidate, a vote will be held, by secret ballot, to determine the best suited candidate based on the information presented at that time. Once counted, the successful candidate will be announced.

Questions regarding the positions below and the duties that they may carry can be directed to the current league President Rob Adlam r_adlam@hotmail.com or our current league Vice President, Chris Apthorp coachchrisfgbl@gmail.com.

Thank you for your willingness to serve and to help enrich the lives of our youth through sport.


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