2023 Forest Glade Baseball 11U Select Summer Classic

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All Forest Glade Baseball home games are played at Forest Glade Optimist Park:

3215 Forest Glade Dr, Windsor, ON N8R 1W7


– At the 11U, no new inning will start after 1 3/4 hours from the first pitch. However, if a new inning starts prior to the time curfew, the inning must be completed.

– Home base shall be marked by a five-sided slab of rubber. It shall be a 21-inch square with two of the corners removed so that the front edge is 21-inches wide and the back of the plate comes to a point at the intersection of the lines extending from home base to first base and to third base.

– A team’s turn at bat in an inning will end after three outs have been recorded or four runs have been scored. The last inning will have an eight run maximum.

– A 10U/11U game ends when the time limit is reached and a full inning has been completed. If the time limit passes during an inning, such inning will be the last however it will not be treated as the last inning for the purposes of the 8-run maximum rule. If a new inning is started within 15 minutes of the time limit, the umpire will declare that inning to the be the last inning and the 8-run maximum will apply.

– An 18 run mercy rule will apply after 3 innings; 15 run mercy rule will apply after 4 innings; a 10 run mercy rule will apply after 5 innings; and a 9 run mercy rule will apply after 6 innings. If the home team leads after the top half of any such inning, the game shall be considered a mercy and the home team will not bat.

– Unlimited substitutions defensively are allowed (including for injury or official ejection). Note SP3.11 still applies

– All eligible players present at the game shall be listed on the team’s line-up card and must play a minimum of two complete innings in a defensive position within the first four innings, unless injured during that game.

– The number of trips to the mound by the Manager/Coach shall not be limited except when, in the judgement of the umpire, the purpose of the trip is to delay the game.

– Base runners cannot leave the base until the ball leaves the pitcher’s hand. If an infraction occurs, the ball will be declared dead and runners may not advance. 1 warning will be issued and for any further infractions thereafter, the runner will be called out. (Each team to receive 1 warning).

– If a player is removed from the game due to injury, illness or official ejection, the player’s spot in the batting order shall be deleted. In the event a batter must be removed due to injury, official ejection, or has to leave for any reason during the time at bat, the next batter in the batting order shall come to bat assuming the balls and strikes count at the time the batter is removed. If the batter becomes an out, such batter shall then take their regular turn at bat.

– The batter shall not become a runner when a third strike is not legally caught by the catcher. The ball remains live and all other runners may advance at their own risk.

– In 11U & 13U games, a pitcher once removed from the pitching, regardless of the number of trips to the mound by the manager/coach, may continue in the game at another position other than catcher and shall not be permitted to return to pitch in that game.