2023 Upcoming Events

These events have also been posted to our Events calendar:

All Dates are tentative and may change.

Jan. 14                         Registration at Forest Glade Community Centre 1-4pm

Feb. (If Needed)          Final Registration at Forest Glade Community Centre 1-4pm

Feb. 27-Mar 31           House League Gym Practices –See Schedule

TBA                              Coaches Meeting and Draft—Siro Martinello Hall—Forest Glade Arena

April 22                       Park Clean-Up Day

May 1 or 8                   House League Games Start (Tentative dates)

May 6 or 13                 Adult League Games Start (Tentative dates)

May/June 29-2            Pictures—Team & Individual Pictures will be taken (date may change)

June                             Parade Day—Tri-Star Competition (Date to be determined)

June                             F.G. Hardball Tournament #1 (Possibly Father’s Day weekend)

Mid June                     Sr. T-Ball Hit, Run, and Throw Competition (Date to be determined)

June 24                        McDonald’s House League T-Ball Tournament

July 2,3 & 8,9              F.G. Softball Tournament(s)

July                              F.G. Hardball Tournament #2 (Dates to be determined)

July 17-July 28             Play-Offs

July                              Tiger Day (Detroit Tigers vs TBA)

July 29                         Day of Champions

July 30                         Trophy Day

August 5 & 12             Adult League Playoffs (Dates may change)

September 8               Select Banquet:  Serbian Centre

September 22             Coaches Banquet:  Serbian Centre

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