Weekend Results: August 18th to 20th, 2023

Our U21 Midget Girls and 18U boys teams made us incredibly proud on the provincial scene this weekend.


These athletes played 7 games over 2 days: 64 runs for, 32 runs against. All 11 giving 110% to prove they’re the best.

They played 5 tournaments this year and they walked away with gold in 4 of them: They were the ones to beat all year long. 6 of these players have been together for many years, and have played their last competitive games together. The friendships made, the lasting memories are here forever.

They’re two time champions 2019 and 2023.

They played as we call it: “Falcons’ Ball”, and proved why they’re the best.

Congratulations to our 18U boys for their stellar performance this weekend at their year-end Select OBA tournament in Brampton. Here are summaries highlighting the weekend:

Game 1 vs. West Mountain:

In a gripping pitcher’s duel, our 18U boys eked out a 2-1 victory. The Falcons showcased their mettle both defensively and offensively. A passed ball in the second inning gave them the opening score, and their pitching prowess was evident throughout. The Falcons were discerning at the plate, amassing six walks in the game. Key players who contributed hits included Caleb Rounding, Aaron Barta, and Masen Sholomiski. Defensively, Kyle Agius’s pitching was a standout, conceding only one hit over three innings.

Game 2 vs. Whitby Canadians:
The Falcons showcased resilience, rallying from a four-run deficit to ultimately triumph over the Whitby Canadians 9-7. Critical moments included a triple by Marc Poisson and a double by Zach Raymond. The Falcons also benefited from their opponent’s errors. Aaron Tirr’s four-inning pitching saw the team allowing six runs. Masen Sholomiski’s relief pitching was a highlight, holding the Canadians scoreless in one inning. Poisson’s two RBIs were vital in the team’s win.
Game 3 vs. East York Bulldogs 2005 HS:

Facing a formidable opponent, the Falcons found themselves overwhelmed in a 13-1 loss against the 2022 champs. Despite the scoreline, individual efforts like those from Zach Raymond, who drove in the only run for the Falcons, showcased the team’s spirit.

Game 4 vs. West Mountain:

In a game where the bats did the talking, the Falcons secured an 11-10 win over West Mountain. Despite being six runs down in the third inning, the Falcons mounted an impressive comeback, with Kyle Agius’s double being a significant highlight. Their patience at the plate was also evident, racking up an impressive 13 walks during the game. The team’s base-stealing capability was on full display, with Xavier McGraw and Aaron Barta swiping multiple bases. Raymond started on the mount keeping them at bay, and made the game-winning catch from centre-left field all the way to right field.

Game 5 vs. East York Bulldogs 2005 HS:

The tournament came to a close with the Falcons putting up a valiant effort but falling short 6-4 against East York. This game secured the Falcons a well-deserved silver medal at the 2023 18U SOBAs. Xavier McGraw’s pitching was noteworthy, allowing only four runs over five innings. The team continued their patient approach at the plate, accumulating six walks in the game.

Throughout the series, our 18U team demonstrated teamwork, perseverance, and skill. Whether facing tough odds or building on their strengths, the team proved their worth in this competitive tournament. A special thank you to the families and friends that travelled from Windsor to support the team.

This past weekend, our Falcons T-Ball team took 3rd in our home tournament. The bigger story here however, is their semi final game against Leamington (which is their next year’s 8U Rep team).

Here’s a note from their coach:
“After a rough start, the kids came out in the 3rd inning and it was like everything that we’ve been preaching to them all year finally came together at one time! Im not exaggerating, it was amazing to watch. I literally had chills watching these kids. In the bottom of the 3rd we got 9 of 13 batters out! The outfield was covering perfectly, they were talking to eachother on the field, calling eachother off the ball, covering their bases etc. And it was out of NOWHERE. all season we would see glimpses of it but never did they play like this all at once. We were so proud of them! The top of the 4th, they came out swinging, and scored almost all of our runs but at that point it was too late. We lost that game but dominated Tecumseh in the bronze medal game.

I just wanted to share that with you guys because of how proud I am if those kids. There will be some good ballplayers moving up next year!”

Thank you Coach Brad, we feel the same way. 💛💚