2024 Umpire Application

Forest Glade Baseball is one of the few leagues with a paid Youth Umpire Program. It provides our youth with the opportunity to learn about umpiring while they earn some extra money. For many of our umps, this is their first job.

What is the Umpire’s Job?
The umpire’s job is to make sure one team does not get an unfair advantage over another within the scope and intent of the rules of the game. Umpires have the authority to order a player, coach or manager to do, or refrain from doing, anything that affects the conduct of the game.

Why Umpire?
For active players, umpiring can be a great way to enhance your understanding of the rules of baseball and how they are applied in game situations. It is also a fun way to stay involved in baseball if you’re no longer playing. Umpiring also looks good on a college application because it requires many of the qualities colleges look for: leadership, confidence and the ability to make decisions under pressure. Umpiring is also a great way to earn some extra spending money!

Who can Umpire?
If you are 10 years-old or older.

Training consists of a mandatory 4-hour classroom clinic as well as on-the-field training throughout the season. The mandatory classroom training session will be announced at a later date. On the field, all umpires will receive mentoring from more experienced umpires throughout the season. A field clinic may also be scheduled at a later date.

Zero Tolerance Policy
We’ll continue to emphasize our no-nonsense Zero Tolerance Policy that reads: Ensuring a fair, safe, healthy and fun game environment is our top priority. FGB has a zero-tolerance policy for arguing judgment calls, umpire abuse or call-related displays of poor sportsmanship.

10 years-old or older.
Required attendance at both classroom and field-training.
Willing and able to umpire either 6pm or 8:30pm.

Program Benefits:
Uniform and equipment

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