Thank You Power Play Gaming Centre

Forest Glade Baseball thanks Power Play Gaming Centre for their ongoing partnership and generosity so that we can provide ball for the kids in Forest Glade and our surrounding communities.

This summer with proceeds from Power Play Gaming we were able to purchase much needed baseball equipment and team shirts for all our players.

Bingo Update – September: Indoor bingo is still being played on Fridays at 8 pm and 10 pm; and on Saturday at 8 pm. Book sales are at 6 pm.

The Vegas room is open for Vegas-style or POD Games 7 days a week. For hours of operation, please see our Facebook Page.

Parking Lot Bingos at Manning Road will continue on Sundays at 1:00 pm with the lot opening at 11:30 am for sales.

If you are a bingo player, please support us at Manning Road.

Umpire Feedback Forms

As the Forest Glade Baseball League continues to evolve, so do our umpires and training programs. We’re interested in hearing from your experiences with our officiating group, whether bad or good (the latter is always welcomed).

Please click on this link, which is also available through the site’s main menu (Umpire Zone -> Umpire Feedback), whenever you’d like to share your thoughts on how game-specific officiating went.