Concession eGift Cards

Our Concession stand now supports eGift Cards:


eGift Cards can be added to iPhone (iOS) digital wallets. Unfortunately, our vendor doesn’t support Android phones yet, so we recommend you take a screenshot of the email, or create your own using a 3rd party app.















Purchase eGift Cards

After purchasing a gift card from this link, you’ll receive a confirmation email right away. Regardless of whether you purchased it for yourself or someone else, this receipt will be sent to you.

Within a couple minutes, the actual eGift card will be emailed to you:


This is the QR code you’ll want to show at concession to redeem your balance. Anyone with the code can purchase items using your eGift card, so be careful with who it’s shared with. 

Apple users can scroll to the bottom of that email, click on View Your eGift Card and add it to their digital wallets: