Indemnity Statement

The parent or guardian, in consideration of acceptance of registration fees, warrants and agrees on his/her own and his/her child’s (children’s) behalf:

1) To indemnify and save harmless, the Forest Glade Baseball League, it’s/their officers, coaches, officials, members, and auxiliaries from and against all claims, demands, losses, costs, damages, actions, suits, or proceedings, arising out of the participation of the above named registered player in any Baseball activity.
2) Registrants will play for the team and the division, that the Board feels is in the best interests of the League and the player.
3) To return all Forest Glade Baseball League equipment and uniforms loaned to the player.
4) To abide by the code of conduct as shown in the schedule booklet and the website.
5) The Player’s picture or video may appear on the Forest Glade Baseball League’s website or Social Media channels. The player’s parent/guardian must inform the league in writing if he/she does not want the player’s picture to appear on the website.