Jr. T-Ball Rules

The Jr. T-Ball Division will start off the season by playing BLASTBALL.  Blastball is a developmental game invented by the Athletic Training Company in the U.S.  It is a very simple concept utilizing the skills of baseball in a fun fast paced activity for young players.  Many baseball organizations have tried it and the results have been outstanding.


Diamond Layout


  1. a) Base lengths are 46 feet.
  2. b) A special soft “baseball” is used
  3. c) A special Blastbase is used at 1st base
  4. d) A fair hit line is drawn with an arc radius of 10 ft. from home plate.


League Rules


  1. Game Time: The start of each game is 6:00 pm. The duration of the game is to be played for 60 minutes (7:00 pm).


New Inning Start:  An inning shall be deemed to have started immediately after the last out in the bottom of the previous inning has occurred.


  1. If not enough players are available at the scheduled starting time, coaches will start the game with the players who are present. Late players will be added to the bottom of the order.


  1. All regular season Jr. T-Ball games are controlled by our time limits. Games will be considered complete once a minimum of 50 minutes have passed. If a game is called due to weather, a minimum of 25 minutes of play time must be completed to constitute a full game. If a minimum of 25 minutes have not been played, the entire game will be rescheduled by the coordinator.


  1. It is the responsibility of the home team coaches to set up the field, including chalking. Home team is listed on the right, i.e. 2 vs. 1, Team #1 is home team and shall occupy 3rd base line bench. Please arrive at least 15 minutes early to set up field.


  1. Cell Phones or Electronic devices are not permitted on the playing field.


  1. Full Uniform The house league supplied shirt, caps or visors must be worn. The uniform shirt must be tucked into their appropriate white ball pants. No shorts or jewelry are allowed. No metal spikes are allowed.  Pelvic protection and mouth guards are strongly recommended.


  1. Score-keeping is NOT allowed.


  1. The batter must wear a helmet with the chinstrap properly fastened. Coaches will notify parents, (well in advance), when helmets will be used and must be purchased.


  1. The coach will be the back catcher and will return the ball to the tee. (Later in the season, a player may be used as the back catcher.)


  1. Coaches at any times may communicate only positive instructions to the players on the field.


  1. The defensive coaches may take up positions in the field of play for instructional purposes.


  1. All players will play each inning. All players will bat each inning. A player who arrives late will be added to the bottom of the batting order.


  1. Player’s positions must be rotated so that they have an equal opportunity to play every position continuously during the season.


  1. Coaches must notify the coordinator is a player quits.


Playing Rules


  1. The defensive players take their positions in the field.


  1. A baseball is placed on the tee and the first batter hits the ball and runs to the Blast base. If the batter reaches the base (the only base used) before a defensive player either catches the baseball in the air (an automatic out) or fields it and yells “BLAST”, the batter is safe. If the ball is caught or fielded and “BLAST” is yelled before the runner gets to the Blast base, then the batter is out.  The first base coach will call “out” or “safe”.  The batter then returns to the bench either way.


  1. Once the ball is fielded and the fielder yells “BLAST”, the fielder throws the ball back to the coach back catcher who puts the ball back on the tee.


  1. The coach must call “Play Ball” before the batter swings. When the ball is hit, if the ball is not in play, the coach will either call foul ball or dead ball. A dead ball occurs when:
  2. a) a player hits the tee and the ball falls off or
  3. b) a ball is hit but does not cross the fair hit line and rolls dead. The coach calls “dead ball” and the player hits again.


  1. Each batter shall have 4 attempts at hitting the ball into play. After 4 unsuccessful attempts the coach shall announce that the next hit will be a fair ball. (Everyone hits rule)  The next attempt in which the ball has been hit in fair territory shall be considered a fair hit ball.


  1. During the season, a 2nd and 3rd base may be added to increase the skill level. It will be up to the discretion of the coordinator to decide if and when to do this.


The Board of Directors may amend these rules at any time